Located in the north coast of Dominican Republic, our Vegans shoes are manufactured in a beach town by  the greatest artisans. All our Vegans are made under what the founder calls - A happy production process.-

Our philosophy is to recycle and create useful items with our waste. We have a plastic free environment. We use reusable cups and utensils in our office.

For us, an ethical factory is a place where all employees are treated with respect and equal opportunities. A factory that provides benefits and health insurance with a healthy work environment and opportunity to grow.

Our factory is inspected and certified to produce and ship globally under the highest standards several times a year.

Vegans Wear is manufacture with water based cement to protect the environment  and our workers.

Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard, designed with a handle to avoid using plastic bags at the stores, you can take your shoes in the same shoe box. Please know that we ship our Vegans in the same packing box to avoid creating more waste.


We are continually testing our materials and processes to be in compliance with global laws and requirements.

In our internal footwear lab we make the following product standard tests:

  • Slip Resistance.
  • Flex resistance over 250,000 repetitions. 
  • Sole bond adhesion, seam.
  • Pull test.
  • Colorfastness.
  • Components – zips, touch, close fasteners, and others.

You can contact us to schedule a factory tour when visiting Dominican Republic.