About Us

VEGANS WEAR was created in NYC in 2012 by our founder, Carlos Veras. After working for several decades in the global fashion industry as a design developer in companies such as Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Timberland, Dansko, & Urban Outfitters,  decided to create his own ethical brand, in which ONLY NON LEATHER products will be produced and only in ethical factories.

Animal Lovers

Vegans Wear does not use any animal sourced materials in our shoes. For us is very simple, when we think about designing our collections, we think about everything else that there is in the world to make a beautiful pair of shoes.

Working with  Local Communities

Vegans Wear is partnering with communities around the world to bring EDUCATION & protect our CLEAN WATER  resources to as many people as possible. We believe that is a responsibility for all.

We love ART

Our designs are simple, yet fashionable. Love and comfort are at the heart of the designs of all of our shoe collections. We dont have any rules when  mixing and matching materials  and ideas.

There are so many artists around the world, we want to serve as a platform for collaborations with artists from around the world. See amazing hand painted expressions in  CUSTOMS in the Main Menu

Made in an Ethical Factory

Located in the north coast of Dominican Republic, our Vegans shoes are manufactured in a beach town by  the greatest artisans. All our Vegans are made under what the founder calls: A happy production process.

For us an Ethical factory is a place in which all employees are treated with respect and equal  opportunities; a factory that provides benefits and health insurance with a healthy work environment and opportunity to grow.

Our factory is inspected and certified to produce and ship globally under the highest standards several times a year.

Vegans Wear  is manufacture with water based cement  to protect the environment . The factory protocol  is to recycle our waste and create ideas with our team. Office and kitchen items are reusable.

Please see FACTORY in the Main Menu.

Community Work

We partner with local communities to work on projects that benefit the community and the environment. We are deeply involved in the clean up of our main rivers as we believe that plastic garbage is a big problem for our generation, we educate and serve to avoid and eliminate plastic garbage from our everyday life.